Rocky Mountain National Park offers its visitors a wide variety of options when visiting the nation’s highest national park. From beautiful drives, hiking, wildlife viewing, photography and gentle walks, the park has it all.

Driving Through Rocky Mountain National Park

A drive is always a good way to start your RMNP adventure. From the car, you can take a look at nature in a mostly undisturbed setting. Highway 34 offers the driver the opportunity to explore stunning views. Along the roadside there are several parking spots that offer points of interest and magnificent views. Follow Highway 34 to the crossing of the Continental Divide.

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Wildlife Viewing in Rocky Mountain National Park

Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park are best known for the abundant wildlife viewing available to our visitors. Chances are you could even stand on the patio of one of our Solitude Cabins and watch a herd of elk or deer pass through the lot.

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Estes Park Fishing

Great Fishing in Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park

Fly fisherpersons and all others – be prepared to fish pristine lakes and rivers in Rocky Mountain National Park, chock full of trout! Spend the day honing your skills with one of Estes Park’s fly fishing guides . These folks are waiting for you to join them on a trip filled with great smiles and pictures to take home, as many of the lakes are catch and release. Nothing tells the truth like a good photo, so bring your camera!

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Estes Park Hiking

Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park Trails

Driving through Rocky Mountain National Park gives you a good perspective on everything the park has to offer. Now you are ready to put your feet to this beautiful park. Be prepared to be amazed!

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